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What was Newcomb like in the past?
Here we have some Butler Hall girls talking about living in the 1960's. Maybe this is your room now...
And here we have Newcomb Class of 1972 artist Gin Taylor working on a picture. Gin was the roommate of our very own Susan Tucker, librarian and archivist at the Center. Newcomb students have always been known for their artwork.
These girls may be on their way to class. They may be on their way home. Who knows? In the 1980's, it didn't matter, as long as you had style!
In 1982, there was a huge "jazz funeral" for the Equal Rights Amendment. Was Newcomb there? You better believe it!
A long-standing tradition at Newcomb is the Spring Arts Festival. The 1991 Springs Arts Committee shows us their way of advertising.
And here are some Newcomb students of today, on their way out on Halloween night. From left to right, Becca Piazza, Melinda Li (visiting Harvard student), Christy Tucker, Lauren Heckler, and our assistant webmistress (and maker of these pages) Kate Bolin. Don't they look scary?

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