16 Years of Zale

Coordinated through the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, and facilitated by a committee composed of Newcomb and Tulane students, staff, and faculty, the Zale Writer-in-Residence program was established by Dana Zale Gerard, N '85, and made possible by an annual gift from the M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation of Dallas, Texas. Since 2006, the Program has been generously supported by Barnes + Noble College Booksellers.

Each year since 1985, the Zale Writer-in-Residence Program has brought to the Newcomb/Tulane campus a renowned woman writer to spend a week among her readers and student writers hungry for insight. In addition to sitting for a public interview and delivering a reading, the Zale Writer participates in creative writing, literature, and other liberal arts classes; as well as meeting with students in less formal settings.

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The Zale Writers

2008: Michelle Tea is scheduled to visit campus as the 23rd Zale Writer in Residence in late February.

2007: Elizabeth McCracken

2006: Julie Orringer

2004/2005: Two semesters of events celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Zale Writer-in-Residence Program

2003: Thisbe Nissen

2002: Joanna Scott

2001: Edwidge Danticat

2000: Jessica Hagedorn

1999: Ann Patchett

1998: Octavia Butler

1997: Deb Margolin

1996: Ellen Bryant Voigt

1995: Dorothy Allison

1994 (Fall): Lee Smith

1994 (Spring): Rosellen Brown

1993: Linda Hogan

1992: Sonia Sanchez

1991: Ellen Douglas

1990: E.M. Bronner

1989: Gloria Naylor

1988: Nancy Willard

1987: Carolyn Forche

1986: Alison Lurie

* Writers before 1995 do not yet have pages devoted to them online

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