Betsy Jones Hemenway
Wedding, Betsy and Chuck Hemenway, 1981
...our wedding in Wayland, Massachusetts on 20 June 1981. The wedding was held at the Church of the Holy Spirit, and reception was in my parents' front yard, overlooking a neighboring dairy that is now conservation land. The ceremony was performed by an Episcopal minister and a Catholic priest...

Alma Allen Collection






Julie Gustafson
High School Graduation, 1967
Julie with her little sister.
Hingham, Massachusetts
Hot! Relieved, anxious to move into the future without adult constraints.

Felicia S. Kahn
Wedding, Felicia Kahn, 1949
As a child I romanticized weddings as playing bride. My mother's wedding picture was placed in an important spot in my grandmother's house and I knew my mother was the last one to marry in the old Temple Sinai. Few people had weddings in synagogues when I married but I wanted mine in Temple Sinai. My veil had lace from my mother's veil. When one of my daughter's married, she too had a wedding at Temple Sinai and she wore my wedding dress. The flowers at my daughter's wedding were built into a chupa, a change in the times to a more traditional setting.

Felicia Kahn
Engagement announcement in the Times-Picayune Women's Section, May 29, 1949.
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