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Retirement Plans


  • Employees are eligible to participate after two years of consecutive employment of at least 50% of full time
  • Re-hired employees are eligible immediately if the waiting period has previously been completed at Tulane


  • Contributions for staff members are an amount equal to 8.00% of salary, fully paid by the University
  • Faculty members earning more than $80,000.00: Tulane contributes amount equal to 10% of base salary, faculty member is required to contribute 2% of base salary
  • Faculty members earning less than $80,000.00: Tulane contributes amount equal to 8% of base salary, if faculty member contributes 2% of base salary, then Tulane will match up to 2%
  • Contributions made to either of two companies: TIAA-CREF or Fidelity Investments
    • TIAA-CREF is located in New York City and was started in the early 1900's by the Carnegie Foundation
    • Fidelity Investments is a mutual fund company and is located in Boston

Retirement Age:

  • Normally at age 65, although no mandatory retirement age is imposed

Investment Options:

    • TIAA - pays interest and dividends
    • CREF - common stock, money market, social choice, bond market, global equities, market index, growth
  • Fidelity Investments:
    • money market funds, growth funds, bond funds, growth and income funds, international equity funds, asset allocation funds

Funds are always owned by the employee and are paid at retirement, termination, attainment of age 59 ½, or as a death benefit.  (TIAA funds are not available for a lump-sum withdrawal except as a repurchase.)

All withdrawals paid prior to age 59 ½, are subject to a 10% withdrawal penalty and Federal withholding tax.

Payout options:

    • TIAA
      • offers life annuities – (TIAA Traditional funds) – provides a 10% payout over a 10 years
      • annuity options: single and joint life annuities
      • offers annuity as death benefit to the beneficiary
    • CREF
      • allows lump sum withdrawals at termination
  • Fidelity Investments
    • provides lump sum withdrawal upon termination
    • does not offer lifetime annuity payments

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Tax Deferral Plan

  • Employees are eligible to participate as of the date of hire
  • The general limit for the 2009 tax year is $16,500.00 (other amounts based on age and years of service may also be allowed) in addition to University contributions
  • Salary Reduction Arrangement - contribution does not show in W-2 earnings
  • Contribution may be made to either TIAA-CREF (GRA or GSRA) or Fidelity Investments

TIAA-CREF--GSRA and Fidelity accounts are cashable upon termination and withdrawals are subject to Federal tax and are subject to a 10% early withdrawal penalty (exceptions may apply if over age 59 ½,disabled or financial hardship.)

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457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan


The purpose of the plan is to give a group of eligible employees an additional opportunity to defer compensation, above the limits for the University 403(b) retirement plan as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.


  • Participants defer compensation into investment funds they select.
  • Contributions are exempt from federal and state income tax but FICA taxes are withheld.
  • Participants select the method and timing of distribution, after termination (distribution must begin by age 701/2).
  • Accounts are subject to federal and state income taxes when distributed.


Eligible participants are Tulane University employees who:

  • Voluntarily contribute the maximum amount allowed to the University's 403(b) Retirement Plans under current Internal Revenue Service regulations, and
  • Earned in the prior calendar year or is expected to earn in the current calendar year $150,000 or more as reported on the employee's Form W-2. (The $150,000 minimum will increase from time to time in the future as Internal Revenue Code limits increase.)

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Retirement Forms

Tulane Salary Reduction Agreement (for faculty only)
If you are a faculty member whose annual salary does not exceed $80,000,
use this form to specify an amount to be deducted from your paycheck to contribute to your retirement plan.

Private (457b) Salary Deferral Agreement
For employees who meet the plan requirements for participation.

Fidelity Investments Salary Reduction Agreement
Use this form to participate in Fidelity's pre-tax investment option.

TIAA-CREF Salary Reduction Agreement
Use this form to participate in TIAA-CREF pre-tax investment options.

Payroll/Personnel Information Form
Adjusts employee data such as a change of address, department name, or phone number.  Submit this form to have your address changed with benefit vendors (i.e. United HealthCare etc.) also. 





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