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How can my dependent child participate?

In order for a dependent to take advantage of the program, three conditions must be realized:

  • The dependent must be accepted at the receiving school to pursue full-time undergraduate study toward a degree;
  • The receiving school must give the dependent a waiver;
  • The dependent must be approved for the tuition exchange by the Office of the Provost at Tulane.  Tulane has no control over the first two conditions.  The implementation and interpretation of these rules are the responsibility of the Provost.

Review the Tuition Waiver Policy frequently asked questions.

It is important that those interested in this program obtain from the Office of Financial Aid a list of participating institutions, application forms, information on deadlines, and associated material (definition of "dependent", "full-time regular employment", etc.) at least eighteen months before the anticipated date of enrollment. The Office of Financial Aid can provide lists of participating schools, applications, and deadlines. Read more about the Tuition Exchange Program on the Financial Aid website.

Waiver Limitations:

Sponsorship is limited to a maximum of four years or 8 semesters. Students receiving sponsorship after their first year of enrollment will be eligible to receive sponsorship for the customary number of years left in their program

When multiple dependents begin their college career simultaneously, the employee's accrued time will be applicable for only one dependent

Will I have to complete a tuition waiver and submit my parents tax information if I am in the Tuition Exchange Program?

Yes, Human Resources must verify your eligibility each semester. 

How do I complete the Tuition Waiver Form if I am in the Tuition Exchange Program?

You can access the online form here.

Can one waiver prove eligibility for each semester I am enrolled?

No. A Tuition Waiver Application form must be completed each semester in which enrollment is requested. This form must be submitted to Human Resources on or before the last day of late registration. Eligibility for tuition waivers is determined when the Online Tuition Waiver Form is submitted.





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