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PAYROLL: Online Automated Payroll Action Form

A new online Payroll Action Form (PAF) system is now in effect. See the steps below for instructions on how to access the system.

STEP 1 – Download, complete and submit the access form.

  • CLICK HERE to download the form.
  • Complete all the required fields following the instructions on the form.
    NOTE: Depending on your version of Adobe, you may not be able to save the form to your hard disk.
  • Print the completed form on your local printer.
  • Secure the applicant's and the appropriate approver's signature on the form.
  • Make a copy for your files.
  • Deliver the form by fax (504) 865-6727 or mail to:

    Workforce Management
    200 Broadway Street, Ste 218
    New Orleans, LA  70118

You will receive an email verifying your access has been granted which contains instructions for accessing the online system with your web browser.

STEP 2 – Install ActiveX Control.

Once you receive email notification from WFMO that your access has been established:

You will be prompted to install an Active-X control.

  • You will receive an error message that says "AXClient is not downloaded properly. Please check the security settings of your browser." Click "OK."
  • Right click on the highlighted yellow bar at the top of the page.
  • It will give you a security warning asking if you want to install the software. Select install. You will repeat this process three times: the first time you open and install the application, the first time you open a PRF, and the first time you open a PAF.

STEP 3 – Login.

At the login screen:

  • Enter your email user I.D. (i.e. without the
  • Enter your email password.
  • Choose the LDAP.TCS.TULANE.EDU domain.
  • Select "OK."

You should now be successfully logged into the system. If additional training is necessary, contact Workforce Management at (504) 865-5380.

>> CLICK HERE to download the PRF and PAF Approver's Training Manual (doc).

>> CLICK HERE to download the Automated PRF and PAF Training Manual (doc).


  • Patrick Bingham
(504) 314-2775
  • Jason Chretien
(504) 247-1748



PAF Access Form (PDF)
PRF & PAF Approver's Training Manual (doc)
PRF & PAF Training Manual (doc)
Online PAF Training Schedule



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