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PAYROLL: Timesheets for staff and student employment


  • We have provided special bins at selected locations for timesheet collection. Please do not fax time sheets into our office. Fax copies are habitually illegible and too often duplicated thus creating untold hours of additional work and increasing error rates considerably.
  • The timesheet collection bins will be available until 10:00 am on the prearranged due date, at which time they will be picked up and delivered to the Payroll office. Please ensure your department's timesheets are in the collection bin by the 10:00 am deadline.
  • When due, please drop off Payroll's copies of timesheets at the following locations:

    Uptown - Bruff Commons
    Downtown - School of Medicine - 1555 Poydras St., 8th Floor
    Downtown - SPH&TM - Tidewater, Suite 806

  • Continue to secure all confidential documents in sealed envelopes and place them in the marked receptacles at the above locations.
  • Deadlines will be strictly followed in order that we not compromise the processing of payrolls. Any missed deadlines will result in the hours being carried into the following pay period.
  • In the event of a missing pre-printed timesheet, follow the instructions below to access blank forms which can be downloaded and completed according to instructions.
    • Download a blank timesheet.
    • Print one timesheet for each employee as needed. Insert the employee's name, period ending, organization name and org number on the timesheets.
    • Insert the General Ledger Account Number in the Distribution field. Insert any account overrides as appropriate. (student employees only)
    • Distribute timesheets to the employees.
    • The employee should maintain a daily record of hours worked and should sign and return the timesheet to the supervisor in time to meet payroll processing deadlines.
    • Verify that all timesheets are properly completed, totaled by category, signed and dated by the employee and the supervisor.
    • Submit the timesheets to Payroll via courier or place them in the timesheet bins located in Bruff Commons, 8th floor of 1555 Poydras or suite 806-Tidewater to be received no later than the due date according to the current payroll processing calendar.

    Tulane Workforce Management Organization, Payroll Section
    200 Broadway St., Suite 218
    New Orleans, LA 70118

Monthly Exempt Employees only:

Exempt employees are only required to report absences of a half day or more including vacation, sick leave and other absences. Less than half-day absences should not be reported.

  • Download and print a blank Exempt Employee Timesheet Recap.
  • Add the names of each employee to the Recap sheet.
  • Fill in the total number of hours by category for each employee.
  • Have each employee sign the report on the line corresponding to their names.
  • Once the recap has completed all departmental internal routing, add each employee’s social security number to the form.
  • Sign and date the Recap sheet.
  • Keep a copy for your records.
  • Submit the timesheets as above.



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