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In the event of an emergency, the President or his designee has the sole authority to close the University.  If the University is closed, information regarding the closure will be available on the Tulane Alert Line (862-8080) and toll free at (877) 862-8080 and posted on the University’s emergency web site:

Employees must call the Tulane Alert Line or access the emergency web site for official information regarding University closures.  Employees may not rely on any other source of information regarding University closures.  Whether an employee is entitled to pay  during an emergency closure will be determined solely according to the information available on the Tulane Alert Line and emergency web site.  The web site is the official update.

Instructions will follow on the web site on how to complete time sheets for closing.


  • BI-WEEKLY - If University pays for emergency closing, submit time sheet showing the hours in the "OTHER" column.
  • If you are working during emergency closing, record the hours in the “OVERTIME” column (rate of pay = 1 ½ times your rate).
  • Report hours as follows if you are required to work during the emergency closing:
    • Show the number of required work hours under “OVERTIME” and those same hours also under “EXCESS” column.
    • EXAMPLE: Your scheduled time is 8 hours from 7:00 - 4:00; show 8 hours under the “OVERTIME” column and 8 hours under “EXCESS” column (do not show hours under the regular time column).
  • MONTHLY - If University pays for emergency closing, submit time sheet and record overtime and excess hours in “OVERTIME” column only.



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