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Employees in the uniformed services are entitled to two (2) weeks of paid military leave per year.  This leave may be used if you are required to be absent from work because you serve in the uniformed services.  “Uniformed service” means the Armed Forces, the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard when engaged in active duty for training, inactive duty training, or full-time National Guard duty, the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service, and any other category of persons designated by the President in time of war or national emergency.

You will receive pay at your regular rate during this leave. However, if you are entitled to pay from a uniformed service during this leave, the University will pay to you only the difference between your regular University pay and the amount you are entitled to receive from the uniformed service.

You will continue to earn vacation and sick time, and will remain eligible for other University benefits during this leave.

If you are required to miss work due to uniformed service for more than two (2) weeks, you can use your accumulated vacation time to supplement your income.

Under federal and certain state laws, if you are absent from work for an extended period of uniformed service, you are entitled to certain re-employment rights and benefits as long as:

  • You give advance notice of your impending uniformed service;
  • Your cumulative length of absence does not exceed the maximum period under applicable law;
  • You report or re-apply for employment within the deadlines prescribed by law upon your release from duty or upon your recovery from disease or injury resulting from your service; and
  • You were honorably discharged from uniformed service.

In general, you are entitled to re-employment in the position you would have obtained if not for your uniformed service, and the University is required to make reasonable efforts to enable you to assume that position.  If such re-employment is not possible, the University will make reasonable efforts to place you in a comparable position.

If you were eligible for retirement benefits at the start of your service, the University will make any plan contributions on your behalf that would have been made if you had not left for military service.  If you wish to continue your health, dental and/or any elective insurance coverages during your service, you can do so by notifying the Workforce Management Organization and paying the portion of the required premiums that would otherwise have been deducted from your paycheck.  The University also will continue to pay life insurance premiums for you for up to twelve (12) months.

If you are called to duty in the uniformed services, you should notify your supervisor or the Workforce Management Organization as soon as possible for details regarding your rights and obligations.  If you have any questions regarding the military leave policy, please contact the Workforce Management Organization (WFMO).

If your leave if for an extended Military Leave the department should submit time sheets on your behalf showing your time away as regular work hours.

If you are on the two (2) week leave, the time should be recorded on the time sheet as other.


  • If an employee is on 2 weeks maneuver submit time sheet showing hours in the “OTHER” column.
  • If an employee is out of the country, the department must submit Payroll Action Form (PAF) placing the employee on Non-Paid Leave of Absence.





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