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Paychecks are issued on the last working day of each applicable pay period, whether you are paid monthly or bi-weekly.  Full-time employees are generally paid monthly and part-time non-exempt employees are generally paid bi-weekly.  Your supervisor will inform you of your pay schedule.

The University is required to withhold Federal and State income tax and social security taxes from your paycheck.  The University will also withhold court-ordered garnishments from your paycheck.  If you are eligible for certain University benefits, the premiums for such benefits, as well as any deductions which you have authorized will also be deducted from your paycheck.

Please contact the appropriate Payroll Clerk if you have any questions about your paycheck or if your paycheck is lost or stolen.


All employees are required to have their pay deposited directly into a financial institution.  You must submit a completed Direct Deposit Form.


Salary advances are permitted for new or re-hired employees during their first month of employment should they require time to adjust to the University’s payroll frequency.

Salary advances are intended to provide a means to compensate the employees for work already performed while waiting for their initial paperwork to be processed.  They are NOT a substitute for proper planning and timely submission of an employee’s paperwork.

Employees not on payroll in a timely manner create an administrative burden relative to fringe benefits coordination in addition to the costs of processing, printing and reconciling manual checks.


  • Salary Advance forms must be submitted to Payroll Accountant no later than noon on Tuesday for checks to be available in Accounting (Uptown Campus) on Wednesday or in Financial Services (Health Science Center) on Thursday.
  • A second (third for bi-weekly) or subsequent salary advance for the same new or rehire employee will require Senior Officer approval to process the advance.
  • Advance amount must be calculated based on 70% of days worked.
  • This loan will be deducted from the employee’s first available payroll check.



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