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A personal leave of absence is an unpaid leave for a period of not less than thirty (30) calendar days and not more than twelve (12) months.  A personal leave of absence may be requested for any reason and must be approved in advance by your department head.  However, the personal leaves of absences are a privilege, not a right, and may or may not be approved in the sole discretion of the University.  Personal leaves of absence will not be approved under any circumstances for temporary employees, or employees who have completed less than six (6) months of continuous employment with the University.

If your request for a personal leave is approved, the University will use reasonable efforts to place you in your original or another suitable position upon your return.  However, there is no guarantee that your original position or any other position will be available when you wish to return.

While on a personal leave of absence, you may continue participating in the University’s various insurance programs by paying the full amount of the applicable premiums, including the amount normally paid by the University.  You will not accumulate vacation and sick leave while you are on a personal leave of absence.  Time spent on a personal leave of absence does not count toward establishing eligibility for any University benefits (i.e retirement plan).


  • Department must submit a Payroll Action Form (PAF) along with time sheet placing the employee on non-Paid Leave of Absence.
  • When the employee returns from a personal leave of absence, department must submit a Payroll Action Form (PAF) to return the employee.







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