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Pregnancy leave is time off required by pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions and will be granted upon request to any pregnant employee who is not eligible for Family and Medical Leave.  The standard period of pregnancy leave is six (6) weeks.  Longer periods of pregnancy leave may be granted on a case-by-case basis, but there is no guarantee that the employee will be returned to her former position after a pregnancy leave that exceeds six weeks.

Pregnancy leave is leave without pay except to the extent that accumulated vacation and/or sick leave is utilized.  Sick leave may only be used during pregnancy when the employee is unable to work due to illness.

You should notify your supervisor in writing as soon as you are aware that you will be taking pregnancy leave.  The notification should include the date that you plan to begin pregnancy leave and the date you will return to work.  Upon returning to work after a six week pregnancy leave, you will be returned to your former position without loss of seniority or benefits accumulated prior to the start of your leave, provided you return to work on the scheduled date of return.

You must request your supervisor’s approval for an extension of pregnancy leave in the event that you are physically unable to work on the scheduled date of return.  Your supervisor may request a doctor’s statement verifying your condition.  While on pregnancy leave, you may continue participating in the University’s various insurance programs by paying the full amount of the applicable premiums, including the amount normally paid by the University. 


  • Obtain statement from physician as to the length of time you will be absent from work.
  • Complete time sheet using available sick and vacation hours.
  • Department must submit a Payroll Action Form (PAF) to place the employee on Leave of Absence.
  • When returning to work, get "Fit for Duty" statement from Physician for releasing you to return to work . 
  • Department must submit Payroll Action Form (PAF) to return the employee from Leave of Absence.






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