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Vacation Transfer Pool Policy

The Vacation Transfer Pool is designed to make additional paid leave available to staff employees who experience medical emergencies by permitting eligible employees to voluntarily surrender their accrued, but unused, vacation leave for the benefit of such other employees.


For purposes of this policy, a “medical emergency” means an unexpected medical condition for which a physician has certified the condition is likely to result in the inability of the staff employee to perform work for five (5) days or more due to the staff employee’s own serious health condition or to attend to the staff employee’s family member provided for by Family and Medical Leave.

In order to be eligible to use the Vacation Transfer Pool, a staff employee:

    • Must be eligible for Family and Medical Leave; and
    • Must be eligible to accrue vacation leave; and
    • Must have used all of his or her paid leave.

Vacation hours may only be transferred to the Vacation Transfer Pool; not to a specific employee. Solicitation of vacation hours for transfer is prohibited.  Please contact the Workforce Management Organization for more information.


Vacation Transfer Pool Procedure

  • Employees willing to surrender vacation hours may submit the Staff Request to Transfer Vacation Hours to the Transfer to Pool Form to a WFMO Records Specialist.
  • Employees requesting transfer vacation hours from the vacation pool may submit an Application to Transfer Vacation Hours from the Vacation Pool to a WFMO Records Specialist.
  • The WFMO Vacation Transfer Decision Panel will meet to approve or deny the request to transfer vacation hours from the Vacation Pool.
  • If the Vacation Transfer Pool is depleted, no donated vacation time will be available.


This policy update is effective December 1, 2009.  Please contact the Workforce Management Organization for more information.






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