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NEW-hire Staff Orientation

An e-mail will be sent stating date and time of Orientation session which concludes at approximately 1:30 pm. Coffee and water is provided. The Orientation session is held at Tulane University Square, 200 Broadway Street, New Orleans, 70118 (Courtyard entrance faces Leake Avenue.).  

You must complete important payroll and employment documents, such as Form I-9, Federal and state tax withholding forms, Payroll Bank Direct Deposit form, and the Payroll/Personnel Information form. You can download, complete and print out these forms prior to attending the New Hire Orientation event.  It is also essential that you bring the following original documentation with you on your first day of employment:

  • Personal identification documentation such as a State Driver’s license or I.D. or U.S. Passport
  • Relevant immigration documentation that indicates you eligibility to work in the United States. 
  • You will also be asked to complete Benefits enrollment forms, for example, health, life, and dental. If you already have health insurance coverage and are considering waiving Tulane’s health insurance, we require proof of other health insurance coverage. Please bring a copy of your health insurance ID card or other documentation of coverage.
  • If you are planning to elect coverage for your family members please have their Social Security numbers available to have them enrolled. Having a copy of their Social Security card is preferred to ensure the accuracy of their Social Security number and avoid problems with enrollment.    
If you have any questions regarding New Hire Orientation, please contact the Workforce Management Team at
504-865-5280.  We look forward to working with you and wish you every success with your career at Tulane University.

Staff New-Hire Orientation Process and Agenda

Purpose Statement for New Hire/Rehire Orientation Event:

  • Face to face introduction to Tulane University for new hire/re-hire employees
  • Make employees feel welcome and excited about their decision to work for Tulane University
  • Advise employees of their conditions of employment
  • Convey critical information and assist employees complete required paperwork
  • Help employees understand what Tulane University has to offer
  • Convey relevant compliance information to ensure protection of employees as well as Tulane University
  • Introduce a resource network for support and assistance available to all employees

Pre-Orientation Preparation:

Employees will download and print all essential forms from the WorkForce Management Organization’s website.               

Each new employee will be notified by Human Resources of the date, time and location for the orientation to be conducted. Orientations may be conducted individually or in group settings.  View the schedule of all Orientation dates and venues.

Each employee must bring all completed forms and the following documents to the Orientation Event:

  1. Tulane Payroll/Personnel Information form
  2. W-4 Federal Tax Withholding form
  3. L-4 State Tax withholding form
  4. Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)  Please bring documents as indicted in List A (such as a U.S. Passport) OR one from List B and List (such as a Driver's license or ID card and a U.S. Social Security Card.
  5. Direct  Deposit Form  Please bring a voided check or other banking information. It will be retained to show proof of your account.
  6. Second Injury Fund Memo (Signature Required)
  7. Second Injury Fund Questionairre
  8. United Healthcare enrollment form  This form must be completed and returned to WFMO within 30 days of your appointment/date of hire
  9. MetLife Dental health enrollment form  This form must be completed and returned to WFMO within 30 days of your appointment/date of hire
  10. Conflict of Interest form  The form will be automatically sent to you from the Compliance Office, via e-mail, once the hiring paperwork process has completed.
  11. Sexual Harassment - on-line training. This training is madatory for all employees.

A Staff employee is not eligible to start work on Monday if any of the following applies:

They do not complete and submit their paperwork at the Orientation Event


They fail to bring essential original documentation to the Orientation Event


They do not attend Orientation 

The Orientation Event:

The event will consist of the following:

Friday – First Day of Employment

  • Welcome to Tulane University
  • Provide an overview /summary of the University:
    • History of Tulane
    • Organizational Structure
    • Locations
    • Number of brief description of schools
    • Number of faculty & staff and students
  • Convey benefits and insurance information and get Payroll and Employment critical paperwork completed including:  I9, W4, PPI, International—Foreign Nationals
  • Staff Handbook Overview including:
    • Key policies
    • Where to find information
    • Office of Institutional Equity (OIE)
    • Disability Services/ Worker’s Compensation
    • Points of interest and Where to find information
    • Good to be TU benefits including Tulane Credit Union
  • Environmental & Occupational Safety
  • New Employee Checklist (please print this an bring it to Orientation)
  • What to expect on 2nd day of employment i.e. Monday
    • Orientation Checklist for Supervisor
    • Discuss department standards, confidentiality and privacy issues
    • Facility and work station location
    • Attendance and punctuality standards, reporting of absences
    • Payment of salary and problem reconciliation
    • Time card completion, and review of timekeeping and reporting codes,
    • Complaint & Grievance procedures.

  • (Optional depending on nature of job)
    • HIPAA – on-line training
    • Blood borne Pathogens – on-line training

Time spent at the Orientation Event is considered paid time so each employee’s time card should reflect the time as paid hours and coded appropriately.





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