Supplemental material for lectures given by Dr. Wiser in Malaria (TRMD 7820).

  1. Life Cycle
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Cellular and Molecular Biology
  4. Draft Book Chapters

The study guides are hyper-text documents of the lectures which allow the students to review the material according to their background and interests. Navigation arrows (example at the right) provide a means to quickly navigate through the document. The double up and double down arrows link to the top and bottom of the document (or major section), respectively. An outline of the document can be found at the top and major links (both within and outside the document) are found at the bottom. The single up and down arrows link to the previous and next sub-sections, respectively.

Also available are two draft chapters from the book Protozoa and Human Disease. One of the chapters is an overview of Apicomplexa including a discussion on the mechanism of cell invasion. The other is a comprehensive chapter on malaria including life cycle and disease as well as some aspects of the biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology.

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