Reed Macromolecular Research Group
Efforts concentrate on innovative ways of monitoring processes occurring in polymer solutions in realtime. We make extensive use of light scattering and other optical techniques, viscometry, size exclusion chromatography, and other auxiliary techniques (DSC, electronmicroscopy, etc.). We have interests in the fundamental areas of polymer reaction kinetics and mechanisms, conformations, interactions and hydrodynamics, with a special focus on polyelectrolytes.
     Work is supported by the U.S National Science Foundation(0124006), private sponsors including Atofina Elf, International Specialty Products, Firmenich, Brookhaven Instruments Corp., and has benefited significantly through regular contacts with Brazilian universities/government organizations.

Brookhaven Instruments Corp. (BIC) , under license from Tulane University, now manufactures the seven angle laser light scattering photometer (BI-MwA), based on our original prototypes.

Polymer Laboratories has recently signed a licensing agreement with Tulane University to commercialize ACOMP.

Research Areas

Automatic, Continuous Online Monitoring of Polymerization Reactions (ACOMP)
Realtime monitoring of polymer degradation
Polyelectrolyte properties
Automatic Continous Mixing (ACM) for equilibrium characterization
Simultaneous Multiple Sample Light Scattering (SMSLS)
Multiple Detector Size Exclusive Chromatography



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