The software and data listed here is partially under NSF and NIH support.

Available Software:

2. Imaging and genomic data integration with sparse representation based method

Details can be found at:

H. Cao, J. Duan, D. Lin, YY Shugart, V. Calhoun, and Y. Wang, Sparse Representation Based Biomarker Seleletion for Schizophrenia with Integrated Analysis of fMRI and SNPs, NeuroImage (2014),

H. Cao, J. Duan, D. Lin, V. Calhoun, and Y. Wang, Integrating fMRI and SNP data for biomarker identification for Schizophrenia with a sparse representation based variable selection method, BMC Medical Genomics, Nov.2013, 6(3):S2, doi:10.1186/1755-8794-6-S3-S2.

Our data is also listed

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