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tulane students in DCTulane students participating in the Model Organization of American States in Washington, D.C.

Story by Mary Sparacello

For almost a decade, Tulane students have been putting their expertise in foreign policy to the test at the Model Organization of American States in Washington, D.C.

The Organization of American States brings together 35 independent states of the Americas, including countries of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean to further common goals. Ten Tulane students each year act out the General Assembly of the OAS, on behalf of the country they represent. They become well-versed in political and social issues, so that they can represent their chosen country at the assembly and debate resolutions from the country's viewpoint. This March, Tulane will represent Brazil.

"The returns on this program are phenomenal - both in terms of learning about diplomacy, human rights and geopolitics and in developing confidence, poise and professionalism in our students," says Edie Wolfe, assistant director for undergraduate programs at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies.
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Trombone Shorty Academy featured on ABC World News

As a part of their America Strong segment, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer featured a fantastic interview with Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews about his Tulane Music Academy, which helps high school students realize their musical dreams.And in case youshorty missed it, check out this Tulane documentary which follows the inaugural class from auditions to their first live performance.
Tulane's Shakespeare Festival Performance for the Schools

In January of each year, the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane stages its Performance for the Schools: a full length professional production, performed on Tulane's uptown campus as a field trip for middle and high school students. These performances are often the only opportunity local students have to see live theatre and, more often, their first live Shakespearean performance.
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Message from the Dean
Dear Alumni, Students, Staff, Parents, and Friends of SLA,

HaberGiven the depth and breadth of the School of Liberal Arts and Tulane University, no one should be surprised by the range of opportunities that awaits our students from the moment they step on campus. In the past, we have highlighted the ways in which service learning classes provide knowledge and engagement. We have introduced you to students who, by majoring in a field in SLA, have found exciting internships and careers. In this month's newsletter, we are excited to inform you about new opportunities being created by the school, as well as one extraordinary and well-established program. Clearly, each lives up to the notion of "only at Tulane"; each provides our students with unmatched educational and career possibilities.
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News from the Field:
J. Celeste Lay

New Summer Program offers Minor in U.S. Public Policy

LayThis column often chronicles faculty doing research physically "in the field," but my research in American political behavior tends to rely heavily on survey data and much of this work is done in the field of my office, at home, or in a coffee shop. I used my post-tenure sabbatical last Fall and a Senior Glick Fellowship to work on five articles related to voting behavior and public opinion.
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Louisiana's Sleeping Language
New Linguistics Summer Program

Maxwell Lapuhch! This is the Tunica way of saying "It would be a good thing." This summer Tulane students will have an opportunity to live the phrase. A new summer course entitled "Language Revitalization: the case of Tunica, Louisiana's sleeping language" (LING 3000), will, in two intensive weeks, teach students about language death and revitalization, second language teaching, and the Tunica language, while giving them the service learning opportunity to assist tribal language coaches at the Tunica Language summer camp in Marksville, Louisiana.
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