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guantanamoProfessor Nora Lustig speaking about Shared Prosperity at the Seventeenth World Congress of the International Economic Association(IEA)-World Bank Plenary and Roundtable hosted in Jordan.

Making Discovery and Change Possible
Story by Kirby Messinger

Recognized for introducing new perspectives on the study of inequality, poverty, and public policy in Latin America, Nora Lustig has devoted the last decade of her research to studying how governments collect and redistribute money. With the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Lustig and her team are now able to take their work to the next level.
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Campaign Underway to Establish a Modern Israeli Society Chair
in Jewish Studies

Story by Mary Sparacello

Eric West (A&S '86) and his wife Natalie are enthusiastic about training the next generation of leaders about Israel's vital importance to the U.S. and the world. They firmly believe Tulane University is the right place to reach those young leaders.

Because of their dedication to combating anti-Israel bias and sharing Israel's story from an objective point of view, the Wests are leading a substantial effort to establish a Modern Israeli Society Chair in Jewish Studies.

"It is essential to teach about modern Israel from a 360-degree perspective," says Eric West.
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photo: modern day Tel Aviv, Israel

Tulane Campus Sets the Scene

When feature films and television shows shoot on campus, it is disruptive for some, but for the Digital Media Production students it provides a rare opportunity that few other universities can offer – a first hand look at the professional filmmaking process.

In December, the SyFy channel shot the pilot for "The Magicians" on campus. Mary Blue, Director of the Digital Media Production program, previously taught some of the people working on the film and they invited her to bring her current students on the set.

Between takes, Zac Sieffert, the 1st Assistant Camera Operator talked to them about the Red Dragon cameras they were using, steadicam operation and the path to a career. Erika Kennair, the Vice President for Scripted Programming for SyFy, invited the students to "video village" where they could see the live performances, look at the camera shots and hear the dialogue all at the same time. If the show gets picked up, the production may be back this summer to shoot more episodes.
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Message from the Dean
Funding Successful Scholars

haberBoth on the campus of Tulane and around the world, SLA faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge projects that have a huge impact on the university as well as the public arena. Although many assume that the world of the mind is untouched by economic realities, the research and creative activities of our scholars and artists often depend on grants and gifts that support their work.
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News from the Field:
Chris Rodning
Archaeological Investigations

From 1566 through 1568, the northern edge of the Spanish colonial province of La Florida was situated in what is now western North Carolina. The principal Spanish outpost in the northern borderlands of La Florida was Fort San Juan and the adjacent colonial town of Cuenca, both of which were located at the edge of the Native American town of Joara. The fort was attacked by warriors from Joara in 1568, and it and five other Spanish forts in the Carolinas and eastern Tennessee were abandoned.
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Take a Bow
NEA Grant Brings TU Shakespeare
to Kids

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In Memoriam
Judith Kelleher Schafer

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2014 President's Staff
Excellence Award
Nicole Westerfield

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