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Cowen Leadership SLAMM course
Scott Cowen, Tulane's President Emeritus and Distinguished University Chair, engages Tulane students in his course "The Mythology and Reality of Leadership." Taught as part of the School of Liberal Arts Management Minor (SLAMM), Cowen's class focuses on understanding the theory and practice of leadership through the eyes of real-world leaders. (photo provided by Ryan Rivet)

"The Mythology and Reality of Leadership"

It is a Tuesday morning, and Scott Cowen is leading Tulane undergraduates in a spirited discussion on a topic he knows well – leadership. Cowen, Tulane's President Emeritus and Distinguished University Chair, engages the students, asking probing questions and peppering his lecture with anecdotes from his own experience as well as with erudite references to articles and books.
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Alumni Spotlight
"L.T." Brady – Endless Possibilities

"My Liberal Arts degree gave me the varied experience needed to be successful, both with big brands and independently."

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DAC Member Spotlight
Larry Sibley Supports SLAMM

"We all believe passionately in the importance of a liberal arts education, but it's an inescapable truth that students today must have the tools in their toolkits to prepare them for life."

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Financial Literacy

Spanish for Business

Although today's college students generally graduate with a deep understanding of their majors as well as the ability to think creativity and critically, they are often at a loss when it comes to understanding financial matters that will have a major impact on their lives. In response, the School of Liberal Arts Management Minor (SLAMM) is developing a new course on financial literacy that will help Tulane students understand and take control of these critical economic issues.
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Spanish 3050 – Spanish Grammar and Composition for Business – is not only a bridge-course to upper-level culture courses in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, but also a unique component of the School of Liberal Arts Management Minor (SLAMM). The course, taught by Roxanne Dávila, lays the foundation for writing at an advanced level in Spanish, with a focus on business and economic topics in the Hispanic world.
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Message from the Dean
SLAMM – Model for Success

haberBased on student demand and alumni support, this past fall, the School of Liberal Arts instituted its new School of Liberal Arts management minor (SLAMM). The response was immediately overwhelming. Students flocked to the classes, ranging from innovative new courses such as leadership and philanthropy, to foreign language courses for business, as well as unique SLAMM-related courses across our many disciplines.

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News from the Field:
Nancy Maveety
Picking Judges

maveetySomewhat eerily, my new book on the president and federal judicial selection was released just days prior to the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, in February 2016. The nation has already begun what will likely be a long and contentious debate over his replacement for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Picking Judges provides a context for understanding the current and unfolding battle between President Obama and his GOP controlled Senate.

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New Courses in SLAMM

In addition to the amazing courses that SLAMM already offers, we are happy to announce the following new courses:

ASTC 3070 Business Chinese
ITAL 3200 Italian for Business
SLAM 3050 Public Relations

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SLAMM Ambassadors

Congratulations to Julia Gallagher (SLA '16) and Reilly Gallin (SE '18) on being named Tulane SLA Ambassadors for the 2016 Philanthropy Lab Conference. Gallagher and Gallin both participated in the SLAMM Philanthropy Lab course in Fall 2015 where they helped to distribute funds to local nonprofit organizations. At the two day conference this coming June, our SLA Ambassadors will join students from across the country to award up to $100,000 in grants to the nonprofits they deem most worthy.

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Summer Programs

Without having to compete with complex schedules or extracurricular activities, the summer allows students to do intensive study, travel, and experiential learning and SLA has a wide range of summer offerings.

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