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November 2012



Homecoming 2012

Message from the Dean
Welcome home!
Over this past homecoming weekend, we were delighted to welcome the families of our students as well as alumni to the campus.  In the School of the Liberal Arts, we began Friday meeting with our Dean’s Advisory Board.  Despite incredible adversity, most members managed to arrive, even if it meant rerouting their flights across the country.  Others who still were dealing with the effects of Sandy participated through conference calls.  We are in awe of their dedication to Tulane and the School of Liberal Arts.
After the President’s Leadership Lunch, we had a small reception on our brand new Newcomb Plaza.  Although the official dedication is a month away, the space created a wonderful setting for music and mingling.  It is certainly a fitting entrance to our newly renovated but still stately Newcomb Hall.

On Saturday, we hosted an SLA tent at tailgating before the Tulane-Rice game.  We enjoyed talking with our present-day students and hearing stories about Tulane days in the past.

Despite the varied settings, each of the events made clear the important role Tulane plays in the lives of our current students and those who were returning to campus.   We heard wonderful stories of favorite professors and classes that educated and inspired:  the English seminars that created a life-long love of literature; the Spanish classes that provided the fluency necessary to deal with new immigrants; the philosophy courses that provided the basis of a meaningful existence; the art history major that inspired an individual’s career. For some, their study in the liberal arts laid a basis for graduate work or a profession; for others it created a way of thinking that informed all they did.  For all, the reminiscences underscored the importance of their days at Tulane and the education they received.

If you have such memories, we would love you to share them with us and we hope to see you at the next homecoming. 

Homecoming 2012 slideshow

SLA community shares thoughts, memories

News from the field: Bill Balée
Living in an edible landscape
Bill Balee
Toward the end of the monsoon in 2012,  I visited a village of one Aslian speaking group indigenous to central peninsular Malaysia, known as the Jah Hět. Their name literally means "the not people" or the "people who say 'not' with the word hět."

The village, called Lubok Wong, is situated near the mouth of a creek, the Wong, which drains to the Krau River. My wife and I resided here for weeks in a small house over a raised foundation covered with palm thatch woven together by rattan fiber. Inside, walls and flooring are bamboo slats. The flooring is also the bedding, as was noted by explorer A.R. Wallace elsewhere in Island Southeast Asia in the 19th century. Indeed, it's comfortable because it gives, but not too much.
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Preserving Louisiana French heritage with Tom Klingler
Klingler named Richard V. and Seola Arnaud Edwards Professor in French
Bill Balee
In the 21 years Tom Klingler has taught at Tulane University, the associate professor has interviewed more than 200 Creole and Louisiana French speakers and literally written the book on the Creole language.

Klingler, who chairs the Department of French and Italian, recently was named the Richard V. and Seola Arnaud Edwards Professor in French, a distinction he takes to heart.
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Congratulations to Vicki Mayer

Mayer has been selected as this year's recipient of the Barbara E. Moely Service Learning Teaching Award.
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Tulane ranks in 5 Top College Film Programs Outside of L.A.

Budding thesps who want a career in film or television should take note that New Orleans is ready for its close-up.
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