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October 2012



Joel Dinerstein

Bringing New Orleans music into the American narrative is one of the primary objectives of the new coordinate major—and of the Center for the Gulf South, says Joel Dinerstein.

“For the American experience, in particular, I think you can learn as much about our history from the popular music as from the literature," says Joel Dinerstein. This statement may seem odd coming from an associate professor of English, but he is leading a new coordinate major in Musical Cultures of the Gulf South. continue reading

Middle American Research Institute Inaugural exhibit

Dafoe Talks Film & Stage with Tulane Theatre Professor
Message from the Dean
Dear faculty, students, staff, alumni & friends:

As dean of the School of Liberal Arts, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our newly revised newsletter. Through this electronic mailing, we hope that you will get a sense of the vitality that permeates the school. Without question, we embody what is best in the mission of the liberal arts. Our students have a strong grounding in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. By learning to write, communicate and analyze, they develop skills in research and inquiry that prepare them for future challenges and opportunities. Our faculty members are leaders in their respective fields and take that knowledge and enthusiasm into the classroom.
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News from the field: Kris Lane
When research upends expectations

As any scholar knows, few things beat the joy of discovery. For historians, discoveries often happen in dark and dusty archives, and many of us feel most at home, or most invigorated, sifting through stacks of old manuscripts. About two years ago I visited archives in highland Bolivia and central Argentina searching for evidence of cloth traded several hundred years ago from distant Ecuador. My specialty is the colonial Giralda Seville LaneAndes region of South America, a vast and rugged area that in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries was integrated more by trade than politics.
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School of Liberal Arts Welcomes New Faculty
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