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Emily Hermant - Assistant Professor of Sculpture in the Newcomb Art Department, Walled Garden, The Franklin, Chicago, IL, made at NKD Residency, Norway. Studio work. Hand-rendered gouache on paper panels.

Jung Gift brings the modern art of sculpture to SLA
Story by Mary Sparacello

In artist Emily Hermant's work, a recurring theme is to explore how technology permeates contemporary life. "My work branches out in many different ways," says Hermant, whose interdisciplinary practice spans sculpture, installation, fibers, digital media, and drawing.
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Alumni Spotlight
Beyond Data Analysis - Matt Blackbourn (SLA '11)

More than four years after graduating, I find myself revisiting notes from various classes I took as a Tulane undergraduate. Funnily enough, the material I return to most is often from classes that were beyond my major and minor.

Art history, history of jazz, cultural anthropology, global climate change: a unique cross-section of disciplines, to be sure. For me, these classes were a refreshing break from the dense reading and analytical-heavy leaning of political science and philosophy courses.
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A Sense of Place

Rebecca Snedeker has called New Orleans an "unfathomable city" and has told parts of its story on film and in her writing. Now, she will continue to explore the many sides of New Orleans through her new role as the Clark Executive Director of the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South at Tulane University. Snedeker is an accomplished documentary filmmaker and author.
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It's All About the Voice

Michael McKelvey was just 18 when he first experienced the "thrilling and terrifying" rush of singing with a live orchestra, without a mic. When he discovered opera in the chorus of The Merry Widow, his life was changed forever. Now, McKelvey hopes to introduce young people to that thrill and terror of live vocal performance, as the new artistic director of Summer Lyric Theatre at Tulane.
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Message from the Dean
Welcoming Amazing New Faculty and Staff to SLA

haberOver the last few months, Tulane has repeatedly reflected on the impact of Katrina and the rebirth of the university since that time. One group who was decidedly affected by the storm was the faculty. Immediately following Katrina, although no one in SLA was terminated, the uncertainty of the university's future caused numerous faculty to seek employment elsewhere. For some, this departure was short lived; they returned to Tulane finding their experience could not be duplicated elsewhere. The great majority who stayed, however, did it with a fierce loyalty to the school and a determination to shape an outstanding future.
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News from the Field:
Adeline Masquelier
The Writings on the Wall

While I was conducting anthropological fieldwork in Niger, West Africa, in the mid-1990s, I started noticing groups of seemingly idle young men assembled in the streets. They drank tea and played cards while listening to the loud music escaping from boomers (boomboxes). Occasionally I would sit with them and enjoy a round of the heavily sweetened green tea they brewed in minuscule tea kettles. They could not find work, they said, which is why they "just sat."
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New SLA 2015 Faculty

The School of Liberal Arts is excited to announce that we have 32 new faculty members this year. Please join us in welcoming this talented group of individuals to Tulane University and to The School of Liberal Arts.
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SLA Student Government

Congrats to the newly elected SLA government body.
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Upcoming Events
Homecoming is November 7, 2015

Visit our SLA tent for free goodies during pre-game tailgating on the quad.

The Homecoming speaker series will feature several SLA faculty members including an Irish History in New Orleans Tour led by Laura Kelley and a glass casting demonstration by Gene Koss and Weston Lambert.

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