OCTOBER 24, 2018
From the Rhythms of Brazil to the Classroom

Sophomore Patrick Urbine (center) reflects on how his participation in the Brazilian Music Ensemble has enhanced his Portuguese studies, from listening and speaking the language, to a greater understanding of the country's culture.

Exploring the Power of Art at ASAP/10

Contemporary artists Trevor Paglen and Dread Scott (above) presented lectures at Tulane on the intersections of art, power, surveillance, and activism last week as part of the ASAP/10 Conference.

ugly histories
Sexual Violence in Literature & Law

Yale University's Greta LaFleur challenged students and peers to imagine a new language surrounding sexual violence in her recent lecture "Ugly Histories" on Tulane's uptown campus.

Practicing Russian Through Cultural Activities

From painting matryoshka dolls and sampling traditional foods, Russian language students participate in project-based learning at the New Orleans Russian Community Center.

Catching Up With Dean Edwards

"Do we need language requirements for a global education?" Dean Edwards shares highlights from his keynote lecture as part of International Education Week, the importance of language learning, and how our faculty are creating engaging ways for students to learn language and culture.

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