Literary Criticism using Z Second Cutter:
Z Table

Literary Z Cutter Table

To accompany literary Table P-PZ40.  It expands upon the last line of this table:

.xZ5-.xZ999 -- Biography and criticism, General works.

Alphabetic letter range of main entry Z cutter range
A - BZ5 - Z59
C - HZ6 - Z69
I - NZ7 - Z79
O - TZ8 - Z89
U - ZZ9 - Z99

Please note:  This table is a copy of an "unofficial" one posted at the Library of Congress, in the P classification area of its manual shelflist, and used at LC.  It is not actually officially in LC's Shelflisting Manual yet.  It has been taken from an e-mail message sent to the Autocat discussion group on 5 July 1995 by Gene Kinnaly, Senior Cataloger for Computer Files & Microforms at the Library of Congress, who has said that it would be fine for us to put it on our Web site.

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