The 2007 Tulane University Men of Color Conference Committee will be hosting its 3rd Annual Men of Color Collegiate Summit under the theme, Educating and Empowering Black Men for a Better Future.

The 3rd annual Men of Color Collegiate Summit will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2006, on the campus of Tulane University. The mission of this conference is to foster a supportive environment for students of color on college campuses through unifying these students and raising their awareness of key issues pertaining to their plight as minority males in an individualistic America.

During the event, there will be open discussion sessions as well as presentations by various guest speakers who have a wealth of knowledge that they would like to relay to the conference participants.  Not only will this allow participants to grasp more information regarding their plight as minority males, but also afford them the opportunity to receive this information from a variety of sources. Below are a few pictures from last year's conference.

Any inquiries regarding the conference can be sent to

Tulane University .::. Men Of Color
St. Charles, New Orleans, LA 70118