Authority Record Importing from OCLC

Importing Steps

Voyager initial search Voyager replace (overlay)
OCLC search and export Statistics
Voyager import

  1. Voyager initial search:  Search the heading in Voyager, using the appropriate search key and searching all possible variants, to see what authority records already exist in Voyager.

    If an authority record already exists, proceed no further unless you need to replace it with a newer version.  (See step 4, "Voyager Replace (Overlay).")

  2. OCLC search and export:  Search the heading in the OCLC Authority File, using all possible variants.

    Do not export; instead show to your supervisor, if:

    • A heading exists that does not have the same form as that in the bib record


    • Notes (67x fields) imply that these are 2 different persons.

    Optionally (if so directed):  If no record is found, create a Voyager authority record (see "Authority Record Creation in Voyager").

    Export the needed authority record, using command “xpo”.

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  3. Voyager import:  In Voyager, make sure that the Preferences are set correctly (“OCLC Conditional Author”) for importing authority records.

    Go to the Import folder (under “Record”); the heading of the record just exported from OCLC will be listed in the file.  Double-click to display it.

    Double-check, to make sure that the heading matches the one on your bib record.  Save the authority record to the Voyager database.

    If any changes are needed, see the document “Voyager Authority Records.”

  4. Voyager Replace (Overlay):

    Overlay as for bibliographic records, except:

    Make sure that the 010 field in the record to be overlaid is exactly the same (including prefix letters and spaces) as that in the new record.

    If any changes are needed, see the document “Voyager Authority Records."

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  5. Statistics:  Keep monthly statistics on the "TULANET Authority Records" sheet for each record imported:

    Type of importColumn
    Straight importAdditions: OCLC-AF Imports
    OverlaysTULANET Authority File Revisions: Import/Replace

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