NACO Authority Records: Creating New NACO Records

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Introduction Workflow steps


This document has been adapted from the NACO Training Manual handout “Creating New Records in OCLC” (Day 1, p. 50).  It includes both workflow steps in OCLC and follow-up in our local Voyager system.

The following steps assume a basic scenario in which no prior authority record exists in the LC/NACO authority file in OCLC.  For steps to follow when editing an existing LC/NACO record, see “NACO Authority Records:  Editing Existing NACO Records” [document to be written].

For further details on the content of NACO authority records, see the NACO Participants’ Manual (NPM) and the NACO Training Manual.

Workflow steps

Verify and establish heading Print NACO record Add record to LC/NACO file
Key in bib record Save NACO record Export NACO record from OCLC
Run authority macro Review NACO record Import NACO record into Voyager
Edit NACO record Validate NACO record Keep authorities statistics
Validate NACO record

  1. Follow workflow steps for verifying and establishing headings:  as described further in “ Authority Work Procedures:  Verifying and Establishing Headings:  Summary of Interim Procedures for Original Cataloguing Authority Work.”

    Make sure to gather information, which will go into 670 Sources Found field(s), to justify your choice of heading and references.  Sources may include your piece, bibliographic files, and other reference sources as applicable.

  2. Key bib record in OCLC.

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  3. Run the OCLC Authority macro based on the bib record.

    The macro should run, generating a basic NACO authority record, with a 1XX field and the first 670.  It may provide some 4xx fields.  It also fills in some fixed-field codes.

    Alternative possibilityNew authority record workform:  Occasionally, you may need to create a NACO record for a heading that is not in your bib record.  For example, if you include a 5XX related heading reference in your record when there is not yet an LC/NACO authority record for that heading, you will need to create an authority record for the related heading.

    To call up a workform in OCLC to create an authority record "from scratch," use the command:

        wfan [F11]

    With a new workform, all variable fields and several fixed-field codes will need to be filled in.

  4. Edit NACO record as necessary.

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  5. Validate NACO record

    Command:    val[F11]

    Correct any errors that are reported.

  6. Print out NACO record

    While this step is optional, we recommend it for the most accurate proofreading.

  7. Save NACO record in our institutional authority record save file in OCLC.

    Command:    s[F11]

    Note save number.

    Please note:  To call up record from authority record save file:

    [/<save number>[F11]

    E.g.    [/3472

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  8. Review NACO record

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  9. Validate NACO record again if any changes have been made since you last validated.

    Command:    val[F11]

    Correct any errors that are reported.

  10. Add record to LC/NACO file

    Command:    add[F11]

    The bib record can be entered into the OCLC database at any time once the authority record is in the LC/NACO file.

  11. Export NACO record from OCLC

    Command:    xpo[F11]

  12. Import NACO record into Voyager

    If more than 24 hours have elapsed since you last searched Voyager authority file, re-search it.

  13. Keep authorities statistics

    Tally 2 statistics per record, on 2 different sheets:

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12 June 2001

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