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A Voyager template is a file that supplies data in a Voyager bibliographic, holdings, or authority record, as appropriate.  When it is set in your Voyager preferences, it automatically provides information that is always or very frequently the same in a particular category of your work, such as creating provisional bib records or creating MARC holdings records for single-volume monographs going to the regular Howard-Tilton stacks.  To have a customized template serves as a tool to make your workflow more streamlined and less time-consuming.

(Please note:  Templates are applied at the time of record creation; they cannot be incorporated into records that already exist.)

Several templates are already available in your Voyager client.  It is also possible to create new templates.

Selecting an Existing Template

In the Voyager application:

  1. To create the path to a template (Bib or Holdings):

    To look at the template options, click on the triple dots towards the right.

  2. The templates are located under:


    There are generic templates under the following paths:

    Usually, though, you will use specific templates that have been customized for our Cataloging Department.  They are located within the folders:

  3. Once you have located the appropriate template file:  Double-click on it to select it (or click on it and click on Open).

    That file, including its complete path, should appear in the appropriate section of the Templates box under Voyager Files/Folders preferences.

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Creating a New Template

If none of the existing templates is suitable for the work that you are doing, you can create a new one. You have control over what needs to be on each template you create.

You must have at least one template for each type of record you want to create (e.g., prov.tem, singlestx.tem, auth.tem).  To create a template:

  1. From the File menu, select Template, New


    Use the keyboard sequence:

    Alt-F, T, Enter

  2. Select the record type (Authority, Bibliographic, or Holdings) and click OK


    Use the Down arrow cursor and hit Enter when you reach your choice.

    The system template for the record type you selected should be displayed.

  3. Create the template by completing the leader, fixed fields, and variable fields for those values that will tend to be constant when you apply this template.  For more information on these fields (Bibliographic, Holdings, or Authority), see our local TulanetVoyager documentation.

    Specifically, you can go to the links below to get to the documentation:

    Bib record    "Voyager Bib Record Cataloguing"
    Holdings record    "Voyager MARC Holdings Record"
    Authority record "Voyager Authority Records"

  4. Save your template file:

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