Image courtesy Anni Holm

Torbjörn E. Törnqvist
Vokes Geology Professor
214 Science and Engineering Lab Complex
(504) 314-2221

Born in Uppsala, Sweden (1962), Torbjörn moved to The Netherlands in 1969. He received his academic education, majoring in Physical Geography, at Utrecht University (MS, 1988; PhD, 1993). His PhD research, supervised by Henk Berendsen and Ward Koster, dealt with the Holocene evolution of the fluvial part of the Rhine-Meuse Delta. The following six years he worked on a variety of postdoctoral projects based at Utrecht University and Louisiana State University, and in 1999 he accepted a tenure-track position in earth and environmental sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He arrived at Tulane in 2005, three days before Katrina made landfall.


Lael Vetter
204 Blessey Hall
(504) 862-3195

Lael, also known as Spider, is an isotope geochemist who joined Tulane in 2013. She received her PhD from the University of California, Davis, where she applied a variety of stable isotope and trace element techniques to planktic forams to better understand various aspects of the last deglaciation. Her BS degree in Geology (2002) is from the University of Chicago; her MS in Geoscience (2007) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. At Tulane, Spider focuses on developing high-resolution records of early Holocene sea-level change. Read more about Spider's work here.



Anjali M. Fernandes
204 Blessey Hall
(504) 862-3195

Anjali came to Tulane in late 2012 to work with Kyle Straub on experimental sedimentology. Since 2014 she is an NCED postdoc and integrates surface processes with stratigraphy by focusing on the sedimentary architecture of the Lower Mississippi River system. She received her PhD in 2012 from UT-Austin where she studied submarine channel morphodynamics and sedimentology with Ron Steel and David Mohrig. Her previous degrees are from Bombay University (BS, 2003, Geology) and the Indian Institute of Technology (MS, 2005, Applied Geology). Read more about Anjali's work here.


Krista L. Jankowski
PhD candidate
126F Blessey Hall
(504) 862-3278

Krista came to Tulane to study coastal tipping points within the context of climate change, as well as carbon sequestration in deltaic environments. After obtaining bachelors degrees in Geology and Political Science from Macalester College (2006) she spent a few years with Teach for America in Memphis, TN, before completing a MA degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University (2010). After that she spent a year in various parts of Asia as a technical advisor with the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre.



Elizabeth L. Chamberlain
PhD candidate
126D Blessey Hall
(504) 862-3277

Liz enrolled as a PhD student at Tulane with the objective to write a dissertation about the evolution of the Mississippi Delta, in part based on the application of OSL dating. Her previous degrees are all from Louisiana State University, and include a MS in Geology (2012), as well as undergraduate degrees in Animal Science, English, and Liberal Arts (2007).