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Background and Current State of the Tulane Karate Club (TKC)

  Master Takayuki Mikami, 9th Dan JKA and several times All-Japan Champion, founded the Tulane Karate Club in the late 1960's.  Mr. Mikami was one of the very first instructors sent from Japan to the United States, is one of the most senior JKA Master worldwide, and the Chief-Instructor of the Japan Karate Association-American Federation, a JKA national organization of the United States.  He comes to Tulane once a semester to give a belt test and clinic, and TKC members supplement their training at Master Mikami's dojo, the Louisiana Karate Association.  Kyriakos Papadopoulos, 5th Dan JKA, has been the principal instructor of the Tulane Karate Club since 1989.     


Club Instructors


(with part of the Tulane team in the 2000 ISKF/JKA  Nationals in Philadelphia)


  Kyriakos Papadopoulos  kyriakos@tulane.edu   Dimitri Papadopoulos    dimitripops@gmail.com  
  5th Dan JKA, JKA instructor (B), examiner (C), judge (B)   5th Dan JKA, JKA Instructor (C); examiner (D); judge (C)  
A professor of chemical engineering at Tulane since 1981, Kyriakos started training in karate as a young Tulane professor in 1982, by taking a PE class taught by Takayuki Mikami at Tulane.  He made black-belt in 1988 and started teaching the TKC in 1989.  He took third place in the heavy-weight black-belt kumite of the All-South in 1996 and 1998, years he also competed in the ISKF Nationals.  In addition to teaching the TKC, Kyriakos trains regularly with Master Mikami.  He has also practiced and teaches other martial arts: he is a 4th Dan in Judo (USJF), and has tested successfully under Nariyama Shihan in the Osaka Honbu dojo for his Shodan and Nidan in Shodokan Aikido.  He prides himself equally for the accomplishments of his students, as well as for having trained in karate without interruption since he started. Dimitri started his karate training at the Tulane Karate Club in 1990 and has trained and taught in that club since.  Five-times national champion for the US JKA organizations, as a member of the US JKA national team since 2000, he has represented the US in Pan American and World tournaments. He has won the All-South tournament 10 times for kumite and six times for kata.  He obtained his BA in History in May 2005 and a second Bachelors (concentration in biological sciences) in 2008.  In 2011 he got his Masters (concentration in biological sciences) and he is currently working full-time as Instructor of Biology at Delgado Community College, where he teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Besides the Tulane Karate Club, he is the instructor of the New Orleans JCC Karate Club, and also teaches karate at Newman School in New Orleans.


    Devin Fadaol   cdf@mcsalaw.com    
    4th Dan JKA    
    Devin started karate in high-school and came to Tulane as freshman with a brown belt in 1993.  He has been junior National Champion (AAU), National Champion of the light-weight division in the 1996 Championships of the USAKF, National Collegiate Champion of the ISKF in 1996, and several-times member of the kumite National Team of the USANKF, as well as of the team of the Southern Region in the ISKF National Championship.  As a member of the ISKF National Team, he won a men's team sparring gold medal in Panama City, Panama, in the 10th PanAmerican Karate Championship on Aug 15, 2004.  He has won the All-South five times and has placed almost every year since the late nineties.  In the ISKF Nationals he got a bronze in kumite (2006), was the Men's Kumite National Campion of JKA-AF on 2008, has placed in the top eight several times and has been member of its US Team several times, including the combined 2006 US JKA team sent to the Shotocup in Sydney, and the 2011 JKA Funakoshi Cup (11th Shotocup) in Bankgok, Thailand.  In addition to his tournament successes, Devin has contributed to TKC since he was an undergraduate student by serving as club treasurer and president.  After graduating from Tulane College, Devin attended Tulane Law School, has been working as an attorney since 2000 and is a partner in his law firm.      







President: Mary Eveleigh meveleig@tulane.edu








Black Belts



List of those who obtained their JKA black belts as members of the Tulane Karate Club 

This list is incomplete and some of the dates are uncertain before 1992, so please e-mail us  with additions and corrections (about you or others) at kyriakos@tulane.edu

( ) in parentheses we show higher Dans obtained after the karateka left Tulane


  Dimitri Papadopoulos Shodan 94 Nidan 96 Sandan 01 Yondan 07 Godan 2012
  Devin Fadaol Shodan 94 Nidan 97 Sandan 00 Yondan 03
   Sharon Davidson Shodan 99 Nidan 01 Sandan 04 Yondan 2013
  Tracy Hamlin Shodan 95 Nidan 98 Sandan 01
  Laura Papadopoulos Shodan 95 Nidan 98
  Ian Foley Shodan 97 Nidan 99
  Rachel Neil-Stix Shodan 99 Nidan 01 (Sandan 10, LKA)
  Dominique Langford Shodan 00 Nidan 02
  Madina Papadopoulos Shodan 98 Nidan 02
  Edith Pike-Biegunska Shodan 00 Nidan 02 (Sandan 04, Japan) (Yondan 11, NY)
  Nancy Lee Shodan 98 Nidan 11
  Steven Gasior Shodan 03 Nidan 11
  Amanda Johnson Shodan 03 Nidan 11
  Natsumi Sugiyama Shodan 08 Nidan 11
  Andy Escobar Shodan 81? (Nidan ??) (Sandan ??)
  Jody Bremer Shodan 82
  Aaron Hoopes                 Shodan 84 (Nidan, JAPAN 87) (Sandan, JAPAN 95)
  Lou Kuhlman Shodan 86
  Mike Moss Shodan 86
  Errol Walcott Shodan 92
  Clauber Scarparo Shodan 95
  Ruth Chang Shodan 95 (Nidan, MICHIGAN. 97)
  Livia Veress Shodan 95
  Richard Browning Shodan 96
  John Colladay Shodan 97
  My-Thanh Kim Shodan 97
  Dan Zajac Shodan 97
  Sol Irvine Shodan 98
  Corey Lambert Shodan 99
  Jacquelynn Nelson Shodan 00
  Noah Kaufman Shodan 00
  Ken Gulotta Shodan 01
  Alex Hessler Shodan 02
  Sarah Tetlow Shodan 02
  Jeff Finn Shodan 03
  Jason Thomas Shodan 03
  Federico Lértora Shodan 04
  Cindy Littleton Hetzer Shodan 06
  SriRamGopal Naraharisetty Shodan 08
  Nathan Thomas Shodan 08
  Sandeep P. Koka Shodan 08
  Austin Orgah Shodan 08
  Monica Portal Shodan 08
  Jennifer Mefford Shodan 08
  Lorenzo Gonzalez-Fontes Shodan 09
  Veronica Leandrez Shodan 09
  Ian Kersting (JCC club) Shodan 09
  Pedram Amini Shodan 10
  Nathan Goggans Shodan 10
  Chris Li Shodan 10
  Josh Burns Shodan 10 Nidan (not JKA)

  Antony Sandoval Shodan 11
  Peixi Zhu Shodan 11
  Michael Duplantis Shodan 13
  Eric Rawls Shodan 13