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May '16 - Tushar succesfully defends his thesis.

June '15 - Leila wins People's Choice poster award at the ACS Colloids and Surfaces meeting

May '15 - Joe successfully defends his PhD thesis.

Moses successfully passes his prospectus exam.

Jan '15 - Tushar succesfully passes his prospectus exam.

Dec.'14 - Leila joins the lab as a PhD candidate. Welcome!

Aug '14 - Noshir presents an invited talk on the lubrication of porous polymers at the CAI-STEM conference.

Aug '14 - Moses wins 2nd place at the annual LASIGMA graduate student poster presentation for his work on the use of carbon nanotubes as electrodes in supercapacitor applications. Well done!

July '14 - Noshir is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

June '14 - Shreyas joins the lab as a PhD candidate.

June '14 - Joe succesfully passes his prospectus exam.

May '14 - Drs. Kejia Jin and Rajesh Venkatasubramanian graduate with PhD degrees. Lucky receives an MS degree.

Feb '14 - Kejia's Advanced Functional Materials paper of a new Gecko-inspired Adhesive appears as a Frontispiece.