Editions and Printings:  Editing Records

Part II.A.

Edition statement:  250 field

(See also Part I.A., on matching based on edition statments.)

The edition statement that is in the record may generally be left as it appears.

E.g.      T.p. verso:    1. Ausgabe  1.-50. Tausend  Juni 1955

                      2. Ausgabe    51.-63. Tausend  Februar 1957

                      3. Ausgabe  64.-75. Tausend  April 1958

   250    1. Ausg.

Since this first edition record is a match (the "3. Ausgabe" represents a printing) and a first edition statement is present in the piece, this 250 field does not need to be edited.

E.g.      T.p. verso:    Huitième édition    1972


   Colophon:    Imprimé ... juin 1972

   250    [2. éd.]

   260    $c [1959]

The 250 field of this record, the earliest matching one, does not need editing.


  1. Errors:  If there is clearly an error (i.e., one that has not prevented the record from being a match), the statement should be changed or deleted.  Edition statements in CIP records, for example, should be corrected.  Such changes do not need to be bracketed.

  2. Clarification:  If a change is needed to clarify an ambiguous statement, it should be edited.

    E.g.       T.p. verso: Tercera edición actualizada y aumentada

                      [i.e., 3rd updated and enlarged ed.]

       250    3a ed.

    The 250 should be edited to read "3a ed. actualizada y aum." to confirm that this is a genuine edition statement, not just a printing statement.  (See also Part I.A.2, on matching based on foreign-language edition statements indicating revision.)  Since the lack of "actualizada y aum." is likely to be a result of cataloguer omission, no brackets are needed.

    Genuine edition statements presented in 500 quoted notes fields should be re-tagged to 250 edition statements.

  3. First edition statements:

  4. Possible printing statements:

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