Editions and Printings:  Editing Records

Part II.B.

Imprint:  260 field

260 $a-$b Places of publication and publishers
260 $c Dates

  1. Places of publication and publishers:

    (See also Part I.B, on matching based on place of publication and Part I.C, on matching based on publisher)

    Basic rule Additional publishers
    Missing $b Distributors

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  2. Dates:

    (See also Part I.D, on matching based on date.)

    Basic rule Copyright renewal dates Missing dates
    Printing dates Copyright dates for parts of an item
    Dépôt légal/depósito legal dates Errors

    The 260 field, fixed field, and call number dates should be consistent.

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Part II. A. Edition statement Part II. E. Multivolume titles
Part II. C. Physical description

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