Editions and Printings:  Editing Records

Part II.D.

Series statement(s):  4xx field

(See also Part I.F., on matching based on the series statement)

Please note:  Before adding or editing a series field in a record, you should do all necessary checking to determine the correct form and tracing practise (see "Guidelines for Series Checking and Verification Procedures for Non-DLC Copy Cataloguing").  If your piece has a form that you decide is a variant form of a series (rather than a different series), and that form is not accounted for by a cross-reference in an authority record for that series, you should add a 4xx field for the variant form to a series authority record printout or to a series authority workform, as applicable.

  1. Series not in record:  If your piece includes a series that is missing from the matching record:  Add the series to the record in the appropriate form.  Put the series statement in brackets unless you are editing a CIP, previous CIP, or UKM record.  (Cf. Part I.F.1, sections on matching when series is not in record)

  2. Series not in piece:  If the record includes a series that is not found in your piece:  Bracket the series statement (do not delete it).  (Cf. Part I.F.1, section on matching when series is not in piece)

  3. Series in variant form:  If the series appears in your piece in a form that varies slightly from that in the matching record (cf. Part I.F.2 on matching based on series variations), edit the record to match the piece.  If necessary, a 440 field should be changed to a 490 1 field and an 830 field added.

  4. Series-like phrases in quoted notes:  If you decide that a given statement is actually a quoted note rather than a series proper -- whether you have found it identified in an authority record or SAC card as a quoted note or you have other good evidence (e.g., a DLC bib record) for treating it as a quoted note:

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