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● self-defense ● empowerment ● fitness ● strength ● flexibility ● learning to unleash the body's explosive power ● stress-relief ● complete body workout

This site serves the members, alumni, and friends of the Tulane Karate Club

Summer Training in the

Dance Studios of McWilliams Hall (close to Newcomb Hall)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-7:15pm

Saturday 10:00am-11:30pm


a big THANKS ! ! ! to the Theater&Dance Department for providing us with training space in the summer




Congratulations to Harry (Ni-Dan) and Natsumi (San-Dan) for passing their exams


The Tulane Karate Club, founded in the mid-1960s by Takayuki Mikami, 9th Dan JKA, is an official Tulane  University club sport  that practices traditional JKA (Japan Karate Association)  Shotokan karate, one of the most popular and widely  practiced forms of karate today.  We are members of the  JKA AF  and the JKA.  The karate club is primarily here to serve Tulane students, but it is also open to the  faculty, staff, alumni, and the extended Tulane community.  The club trains year-round.

Everyone is welcome to stop by during our classes (FAQ).     

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