2003 Summer Bioengineering Conference
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Friday, June 27, 2003


Session #38

Poster Session B:


Room: Ocean Rooms


Design And Construction Of A Test Rig For Investigating Contact Pressures Within The Knee Joint Compartment: To What Extent Do Biomechanical Misalignment And Excessive AP Shear Forces Cause Degenerative Changes Over Time?

Patricia B Setti, Alexander Lin


Restoration Of Finger Function In Hemiparetic Stroke Patients Using Goal-Directed Therapy: Coordination Station

Theresa M Sukal, Andrew H Meisner, Rukayat T Salako


Optically-Based Control Of A Prosthetic Device

David M Schneider, Crystal M Ripplinger, Kelly L Gilbertson, Rajendra Katti, Mark J Schroeder


A Device To Transfer A Child With Spina Bifida Into The Bathtub

Heather M Hendrix


Bioengineering Functional Endothelial Cell Monolayer Cultured On Design Peptide Hydrogel Scaffold

Elsa Genové, Colette Shen, Mercedes Balcells, Elazer Edelman, Shuguang Zhang, Carlos Semino


Design And Construction Of A Mock Human Circulatory System

Sonna M Patel, Paul E Allaire, Houston G Wood, J Milton Adams, Don Olsen


Computational Fluid Dynamics On Microcarrier Design In Tissue Engineering. Part I

Eric T Crumpler, Ronald A Gutierrez


Motion Of Artificial Platelet In The Model Arteriole

Hideki Fujita, Tetsuya Tsuji, Takashi Tabata, Yasuo Ikeda, Kazuo Tanishita


Velocity Profile In Streamline Swimming: Drag Quantification

Erin E McIntyre, Noshir A Langrana, Timothy Wei, Abram Voorhees


Inadvertent Variations In Fluid Flow Across A Parallel Plate Flow Chamber Results In Non-Uniform Gene Expression

Jennifer A McCann, Sean D Peterson, Thomas J Webster, Michael W Plesniak, Karen M Haberstroh


Cryosurgery Of Normal And LNCaP Pro 5 Human Prostate Tumor Tissue In The Dorsal Skin Flap Chamber

Bo H Chao, John C Bischof


The Effect Of Shear Stress On Micro-Vessel Network Formation Of Endothelial Cells

Akinori Ueda, Masaki Koga, Mariko Ikeda, Susumu Kudo, Kazuo Tanishita


A Multidimensional Optimization Process For Enhancing Electroacupuncture Efficiency

Bin Chen, Thomas Yee, Mehlika A Kiser, Bingmei M Fu


Defined Flow Regimes: A Novel Perfusion Bioreactor For Optimum Cell Growth

Maria Vazquez, Mercedes Balcells, Elazer Edelman


Quantitative Assesment Of SPECT Subtraction Method For Detection Of Epileptogenic Focus

Santosh T Keni, Vijaykalyan Yeluri, Juan Franquiz


Performance Assessment Of Photon Attenuation Correction In A New Hybrid PET/CT Scanner

Vijaykalyan Yeluri, Santosh T Keni, Juan Franquiz


C-Reactive Protein-Induced Increase In Cytosolic Free Calcium Involves Both IP3 Mediated Stores And Capacitive Entry.

Maria Sotomayor, Haim Danenberg, Wen-Hua Fan, Elazer Edelman


Cellular Alternations In Cultured Endothelial Cells Under Therapeutic Ultrasound Irradiation

Dalit Raz, Uri Zaretsky, Shmuel Einav, David Elad


The Use Of Magnetic Resonance Angiography To Directly Assess Arteriogenesis In Mice

Joan M Greve, Timothy JA Chico, Hope Steinmetz, Lisa Bernstein, Simon-Peter Williams, Stuart Bunting, Charles A Taylor, Nicholas van Bruggen


Fibronectin Polymerization Enhances The Tensile Mechanical Properties Of Cell-Imbedded Collagen Gels

Candace D Gildner, Denise C Hocking


Dosimetry Model For Intravascular Brachytherapy Treatment Planning With Radioisotope Emitting Stents

Maria A Caceres, Juan Franquiz


FDG Kinetics Imaging With A Dual-Head Rotating SPECT/PET Camera: Preliminary Animal Studies

Min Zhou, Anthony J McGoron, Michael F Georgiou, John W Kuluz, Pablo Sanchez, George N Sfakianakis


A System To Culture Endothelial Cells On Smooth Muscle Cells

Mark D Lavender, Laura E Niklason, Zachary M Robertson, George A Truskey


Inhibition Of Peripheral Nervous System Alters Ligament Healing

Kelley W Dwyer, Paolo P Provenzano, Kristina T Jensen, Ray Vanderby


Effect Of Ionic Strength And Porosity On Ion Diffusion In Agarose Gels

Adriana L Vega, Hai Yao, Wei Y Gu


Reconstruction Of Trileaflet Heart Valve Leaflet Motion By Using Photogrammetry And Biquintic Finite Element Method

Bokkyu Lee, Richard T Schoephoerster, Jim Byrne


Mimicking Lumbar Vertebral Bone Architecture Using Layered Manufacturing Technology

Daryl R Garske, Noshir A Langrana


Effect Of Vitamin D Receptor On Bone Growth And Strength During Gestation

Casey L Korecki, James Siedler, Glendon Zinser, JoEllen Welsh, Glen L Niebur


Momentum Analysis Due To Foot-To-Floor Contact Forces In Forward Gait Initiation

Maria F Parra, Diana M Rincon


Emissivity Of Bone

Luke D Stumme, Todd H Baldini, E A Jonassen, Joel M Bach


Pronation-Supination Moment Arms In The Human Forearm

Joseph D Gardinier, Roger V Gonzalez


Effects Of Kyphotic Posture On Neuromechanical Locomotor Control Patterns In Older Adults With Kyphotic Posture

Joshua You, Jennifer A Lossing, Sibok Yu, Marilys Randolph


Experimental Investigation Of Finger Dynamics Before And After MCP Joint Arthroplasty

David McNeal, Farid Amirouche, Mark Gonzalez, Bassem Hassan


Damage About Natural And Drilled Holes In Bone

Barbara Garita, Andrew J Rapoff


Facet Joint Capsule Strains Of Human Lumbar Spine Specimens During Physiology Motions

Allyson Ianuzzi, Jesse S Little, Jonathan B Chiu, Avi Bainter, Greg Kawchuk, Partap S Khalsa


Variation Of Reposition Sense Of The Lumbar Spine With Torso Flexion And Moment Load

Venkata K Gade, Sara E Wilson


Dynamic Contact Forces In Articular Joints

Daniel C Acero, Diana M Rincon


Finite Element Analysis Of Cultured Endothelial Cell Under Pure Uniaxial Stretch: Effect Of Cell Shape On Strain Distribution

Hiroshi Yamada, Jin Matsumura, Dan Kageyama


Correlation Of Wall Shear Stress And Intimal Thickening In The Right Coronary Artery

Anil K Joshi, Richard L Leask, Matadial Ojha, Jerry G Myers, C Ross Ethier


Changes In Regional Wall Stress Immediately Following Ventricular Septal Defect Closure

Thomas A Quinn, Santos E Cabreriza, Brianne F Blumenthal, Henry M Spotnitz, Jeffrey W Holmes


An Experimental Analysis Of Micromotion Of A Cementless Modular Acetabular Component In Total Hip Arthroplasty: Evaluation Of The Bone And Cup Liner Interfaces Under Physiologic Loads

Francisco Romero, Farid Amirouche, Luke Aram, Mark Gonzalez, Todd Render


Linearized Control Of Forward Dynamic Bipedal Walking

Shawn D Russell, Kevin P Granata


Static And Dynamic Mechanical Testing Of A Polymer With Potential Use As Heart Valve Material

Andres F Aguirre, Mariana Oliva, Richard T Schoephoerster, Vladimir Kasyanov


Mathematical Modeling Of Stress Shielding With Bioresorbable Materials For Internal Fracture Fixation

Hanna Isaksson, Amy L. Lerner


Development Of A Robust Three-Dimensional Mathematical Model Of The Cervical Spine

Carlos G Lopez-Espina, Farid Amirouche


Effect Of Slope Changes In Posterior Stabilizer On The Rollback Mechanism Of The Knee In Flexion-Extension

Chandran - N, Amirouche M Farid, Gonzalez Gonzalez, Barmada Riad


Nonlinear Elastic Parameters Of Articular Cartilage

Ravi Namani, Narendra K Simha, Jack L Lewis


Use Of Aspiration Pressure And Finite Element Analysis For Evaluating The Mechanical Behavior Of Articular Cartilage

Michael J Araj, Jennifer S Wayne


Collagen And Hydroxyapatite Incorporation Into Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Hydrogels For Orthopedic Applications

Patricia S Arauz, Rebecca Willits


Microencapsulation And Differentiation Of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells Into Functional Hepatocytes

Biju Parekkadan, Tim J Maguire, Rene S Schloss, Martin L Yarmush


Fluorescence Study Of Protein Engineered HIV-1 Integrase

Biju Parekkadan, John J Harvey, Jay R Knutson


Characteristics Of Intracellular Calcium Oscillations In Osteoblastic Cells During Repetitive Loading Conditions

Lindsay M Godin, Henry J Donahue, Christopher J Jacobs, Seth W Donahue


Analysis Of Bone Histology, Composition, And Mechanical Properties Of Black Bear Tibias In Relation To Disuse Osteoporosis

Kristin B Harvey, Seth W Donahue


Genetically Engineered, Enzymatically Crosslinked Elastin-Like Polypeptide Gels For Cartilage Tissue Repair

Melissa K Knight, Lori A Setton, Ashutosh Chilkoti


Exploring Effects Of Tai Chi On Balance In Older Adults

Elizabeth T Hsiao-Wecksler, K. Narayanan, Bryan S Lee, Carrie A Laughton, Lewis A Lipsitz


Integrating Animal And Computer Models To Study The Mechanics Of Pressure Sores

Eran Linder-Ganz, Amit Gefen


Balance Control And Propulsion In Gait Of Healthy Young And Elderly Subjects

Heydar Sadeghi, Paul Allard, Francois Prince, Hubert Labelle


3D Reconstruction Of The Human Forearm Complex Through Efficient Color Image Segmentation

Il-Kyu Hwang , Kyu-Jung Kim


Non-Invasive Analysis Of Physiological Signals (NAPS): A Vibration Sensor That Passively Detects Heart And Resipration Rates As Part Of A Sensor Suite For Medical Monitoring

David C Mack, Steve W Kell, Majd Alwan, Bevereley Turner, Robin A Felder


Prosthetic Socket Interface Pressures: Customized Calibration Technique For The Tekscan F-Socket System

Jessica D Maurer, Janet L Ronsky, Barbara Loitz-Ramage, Maggie Andersen, Ronald F Zernicke, James Harder


EMG Onset Detection Using The Maximum Likelihood Method

Antonis P Stylianou, Carl W Luchies, Michael F Insana


Evaluation Of Hand Motor Function By Circumferential Force Production Of The Thumb

Daniel A Harkness, Zong-Ming Li


Mechanical Wall Stresses As The Possible Genesis Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Anne-Virginie LB Salsac, Juan C Lasheras, Steve R Sparks


Velocity Boundary Conditions For Subject-Specific Arterial Flow Simulations

Nigel B Wood


Pulse Solitons In Blood Circulatory Systems

Zhong Ji


Performance Prediction Of Volute Housing For A Rotodynamic Blood Pump

Wenfeng Lu, William A. Smith


Modelling Two Dimensional Solitary Waves In Arteries

Clifton R Johnston, Marcelo Epstein


Numerical Simulation Circulatory And Respiratory System Of Human Body Including Their Interaction And External Factors Influence

Alexander S Kholodov, Alexsei V Evdokimov, Yaroslav A Kholodov


Biomechanical Modeling of The Trabeculated Embryonic Heart: Image-Based Global FE Mesh Construction And Model Calibration

Wenjie Xie, David Sedmera, Renato Perucchio


Complex Silicone Aorta Models Manufactured Using A Dip-Spin Coating Technique And Water-Soluble Molds

Karina Arcaute, Gilbert N Palafox, Francisco Medina, Ryan B Wicker


Image-Based, Computational Modeling Of Blood Flow In A Cerebral Artery With Multiple Aneurysms

Kensuke Yokoi, Hao Liu, K Fukasaku, Ryutaro Himeno


Correlation Between SEM Measured Microstructure And NMR Predicted Bone Porosity

Yixian Qin, Hoyan Lam, Clint Rubin, Fred Grine, Qingwen Ni


Preparation And NMR Characterization Of N-Triethyl Chitosan

Parisa Yoonessi, Mohhamadreza Awwadi, Mohsen Amini, Morteza Rafiee Tehrani, Abbas Shafiee

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