Creating Provisional Records in Voyager :

for monographs and with item in hand

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Outline of Fields

Required fixed field elements
Variable fields       

Required Fixed Field Elements

Encoding Level (in Leader):  Must be 5 (default value) for all formats.
Publication status (in 008):  Should be set to "s" (single known/probable date), and should be changed to "n" (dates unknown) if an exact date is not known.
Date 1 (in 008):  Must be supplied for all formats if an exact date is known.
Language (in 008):  Verify the primary language of the item.
Place of Publication (in 008):  Supply for all LAL books and for all Latin American media (hmc,lal) and microforms (mic,lal).

Outline of Variable Fields

Main Entry:

100:  a Last Name, First Name(s).
100:  a Last Name, First Name(s), d Date(s).  (Ends with a period unless date ends with hyphen.)
100:  a Last Name, First Name(s), e Relator Term.
110:  a Corporate Name.
110:  a Corporate Name Main Body. b Subbody.
110:  a Corporate Name Main Body. b Subbody. b Subbody.
111:  a Conference Name.
111:  a Conference Name (Number : Date : Place)


245:  a Main Title.
245:  a Main Title : b Subtitle.
246:  a Additional Title
246:  a Additional Title : b Subtitle


250:  a Edition Statement.


260:  a Place of Publication : b Publisher, c Date.
260:  a Place of Publication : b [s.n.], c Date.
260:  a [S.l.] : b Publisher, c Date.
260:  a [S.l. : b s.n.], c Date.
260:  a [S.l. : b s.n., c Date?]

Pagination/Extent of Item:

300:  a <Number of> p.
300:  a 1 v. (unpaged)
300:  a 1 v. (various pagings)
300:  a v. <volume designations of volumes in hand>  (For Multi-Volumes)


440:  a Series Title ; v Volume <Designation and> Number
440:  a Series Title. Subseries Title ; v Volume <Designation and> Number
440:  a Series Title ; v Volume <Designation and> Number. p Subseries Title ; v Volume <Designation and> Number

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Getting Started

[Note:  Although many of the examples used in this document were taken from real sources, some examples are fictional in nature.]

If you have any problems or questions concerning how to input or edit information, please consult your trainer.

Before starting the creation of provisional records, re-search OCLC.  If a bibliographic record is found for the item, import the record to Voyager, save to the database, create a holdings record, mark the routing slip appropriately, and place on the appropriate shelf.

If no record for the item is found, but other recent (preferably within the last five years) records of good quality are found that include the same personal, corporate, or conference name, consider the name heading verified and feel free to copy the heading exactly as it is found in the record and paste it into the provisional record, making sure to change the tag and/or indicators appropriately if necessary.  If you doubt the quality of the record, confirm name heading in the authority file.

When checking authority files, consult OCLC first.  If no authority record is found, then consult Voyager.

To open the provisional record template in Voyager:

A bib record screen should appear, based on the bib record template selected in your session defaults.  The basic provisional record template is:

        prov.tem -- which is located in the folder:    c:\voyager\catalog\template\templatebib\

(For more information about setting templates, see also "Voyager Templates.")

Tip:  If you are uncertain of the value of an indicator, place the cursor in the indicator and press F2.  Voyager will pop up a window with all the indicator value options and definitions.

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Fixed Field Elements

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Variable Fields

The following variable fields are required if applicable and available in the item.  The data should be found on the title page (t.p.), cover title, half-title, caption title, t.p. verso, the colophon, other preliminary pages, or the spine, in that order of priority.

Do not use initial articlesDo not add diacritics.  If you know the capitalization rules for a particular language, apply those rules; if not, capitalize the first letter in all proper and geographic names and the 1st letter of the 1st word in all title fields.

Type text, subfields, etc., as instructed below.  Use ISBD punctuation.  Except for series (440) and additional title (246) fields, end each field with a period -- unless another mark of punctuation has already been used, like a hyphen or an end parenthesis.

Field tagAreaField tagArea
1xxMain entry 260Imprint
24xTitles 300Pagination/Extent of item
250Edition statement 4xxSeries statements