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  This is a new page for the personal or karate news of current or past members of the club.  Please email your news to any of the officers or instructors 



  Ruth Chang (BA NC96, then MA and MD from UMich), a past president of the TKC, had her baby son on June 9, 2005. we wish her and her husband Mick all the best!

here is her email message announcing the happy news:

"Finbarr arrived on Thursday morning at 4.46 am, weighing in at 8 lbs 1 oz, and at 21 inches long. On Thursday he lulled us into thinking that he's a very quiet baby. On Thursday evening, we found out that he's a nocturnal feeder who lets it be known to all within a one mile radius that HE'S HUNGRY!!!!

We all came home yesterday evening. He's doing great, Mum's doing great, and Dad's knackered.

Love to all,

Ruth, Mick and Finbarr"



Edith Pike-Biegunska began training karate as a freshman with the Tulane Karate Club. She got her shodan as a senior. She graduated from Newcomb in 2001, spent a year in Siberia on the Peace Corps and then a year in New Orleans, back with the Tulane Karate Club, when she got her nidan.  She is now working as an English teacher and training karate in Japan, where she went in August of 2003 and plans to stay until July of 2005.

            Edith trains at a dojo in the small town of Kori-machi, a few hours north of Tokyo. Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening, though before tournaments members train daily. While in Japan Edith has had the opportunity to attend various training seminars both in Fukshima where she lives, and in Tokyo.

            Since her arrival in Japan Edith has continued to participate in tournaments. In November 2003 she traveled to Hawaii for the ISKF national championships. In April, 2004 she won third place in kata at the Fukushima prefectural tournament. In July she will go on to compete in the Tohoku regional competition, and in the Japanese nationals in Tokyo.

            Back in the US since August 2005, Edith is attending law school at NYU.  To read her report on the All-Japan and the 2004 World Shotocup, click here (Notice it has been updated with Sharon's 2006 shotocup report)






The picture with Kyriakos and Master Mikami was taken at LKA during Ulrich's recent visit to New Orleans

  Dear Friends from the Tulane Karate Club:

It has been a great pleasure to reunite with you at the occasion of my tenth anniversary of graduation from Tulane Law School. Thank you for the warm welcome. Out of all the activities during these days in New Orleans, the most memorable thing was to be back in Karate class and train with you. I was impressed to see how well the Tulane Karate Club is doing.

Should any of you be in Berlin, Germany, some time and want to train - please get in touch. My e-mail address is ulrichblock@hotmail.com and my club's website is http://www.shotokan-karate-berlin.com.

Best regards,

Ulrich Block




    Amanda Johnson and Stephen Gasior were Tulane undergrads in the early nineties and received their 1st kyu (brown belts) before graduating. Both were officers in the TKC and credit the club for their blossoming romance. After graduation they left for Chicago where they trained on-and-off but never tested for black belt.  After marriage and a few graduate degrees they came back to New Orleans in 2002 for Stephen to conduct a postdoc at the Tulane Medical Center and to enjoy many beignets and a lack of winter.  Their first child, Isaac, was born on Sept 8th 2002. On November 22, 2003 they tested and earned their black belts.









Daniela and Marin Simina had her first baby, Daniel, on Dec 3.  A straight-A senior in Italian, Daniela is a native of Romania, where she was ranked nationally as a goju-ryu stylist.  She is already a black belt in goju-ryu and since she started training at the Tulane Karate Club, she has trained as hard as anybody else, including during her nine months of pregnancy.