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Part I. C.


(See also Part II.B.1 on editing publisher information)

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Part I. C. 1.Single publisher
Part I. C. 2.Multiple publishers
Part I. C. 3.Missing publishers
Part I. C. 4.Publisher on label

If all other elements of the record match the piece:

  1. Single publisher

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  2. Multiple publishers

    If either the record or the item include multiple publishers, as long as one of the publishers is present in both the item and the record, you may treat the record as a match.  This applies whether the body appears in the 260 $b field as a publisher or in the 260 $f field as a printer.  (Cf. Part II.B.1, on editing when additional publishers are involved.)

    E.g.      T.p.:  Clarendon Press

                T.p. verso:  Oxford University Press

                260 $a Oxford ; $a New York : $b Oxford University Press ...

                This record may be a match.

    Along the same lines, if a name appearing on the title page is identified as -- or is known to be -- "an imprint of" another publisher, a record with either entity in the 260 field may be a match (cf. Part II.B.1, example with imprint of another publisher).  There is often some ambiguity whether the name on the title page is a publisher or a series or quoted note.

    E.g.      T.p.:  Verso

                T.p. verso:  Verso Books is an imprint of New Left Books.

                Either a record with Verso Books or one with New Left Books in the 260 field may be a match.

    E.g.      T.p.:  Modern Library

                T.p. verso:  Random House

                Either a record with Modern Library or one with Random House in the 260 field may be a match.

    Please note:  It is important to be sure that other factors do not prevent a match in cases of multiple publishers.  There are instances in which the publisher of one edition will actually appear in an item of a different edition; there should be other clues that the editions are not the same.

    One category of this situation is that of reprint editions in which the original publisher appears prominently while the reprint publisher appears in an obscure location and/or in small print.

    E.g.      T.p.:  London / Macmillan and Co. / 1884

                T.p. verso, in small letters: Republished in 1972 by Gregg International Publishers Limited ...

                A record with Macmillan as publisher could not be used, as it would be the record for the
                original edition, not this reprint edition.

    A trickier category is represented by items not published by known reprint publishers that contain prominent "ghosts" of information from a previous edition.

    E.g.      T.p., at the bottom:  Robert Laffont

                T.p. verso:  cEditions Robert Laffont, S.A., Paris, 1991

                P. facing t.p.:  [list of other works by the same author published by Presses pocket]

                Colophon:  Presses pocket ... Paris; Achevé d'imprimer [printed] en décembre 1992

                Back cover:  Egalement chez Presses pocket: ...

                There is a record online with 260 $a Paris : $b R. Laffont, $c c1991.  The pagination, series, size,
                and the publisher portion of the ISBN in that record do not match the piece (there is a 6
                centimeter difference in size).  Therefore, even though all elements of the record's imprint are
                present somewhere in the piece, the record cannot be a match.  The item should be catalogued
                as a 1992 publication by Presses pocket.

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  3. Missing publishers

    The lack of a publisher in the piece or the record does not prevent a match if all other elements match.  (Cf. Part II.B.1, on editing when publishers are missing.)

  4. Publisher on label

    If the publication information in your piece is covered by a label with the name of a different publisher:

    (Cf. Part II, introduction, on editing information from labels.)

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